What I do when I feel like giving up

Being consistent is something I have always struggled with. I am struggling today and maybe you might be able to relate with me too.

I have always written blog post everyday Thursday, week after week, month after month and year after year. But today, I feel like giving up. today I am struggling. Today, I didn’t feel like picking my laptop up to write. Today, I didn’t feel like sticking to any routine. It is my off day and I just want to be and stay in bed. Today, I feel like giving up.

However, below are the things I tried to remind myself whenever I feel like giving up.

  • Consider your thought 

The human mind is a suggestion engine. Every thought you have should be seen as a suggestion and not an order. For example, right now my mind is telling me that I am too tired and cannot be asked to go visit my niece. This is my mind suggesting that I give up. if I take a moment, I will also discover new suggestions. Like, I will feel good knowing that I was able to get something done even at my lowest. I will feel good knowing that I can stick to a schedule and the identity I am building.

These suggestions are not order. They are just options, and you have the power to choose which option to follow.

  • Discomfort Is Temporary 

Feeling discomfort is temporary. Any habit can be over quickly. That gym workout will be finished and over in an hour or two. That report will be finished by the deadline you give yourself. The article you need to have up will be finished in just a moment.

Maintain perspective. Your life is good, and discomfort is temporary. Let your moment of discomfort strengthen you.

  • No regret 

I have never found myself feeling worse or bad after the hard work has been done. Although, there has been days I find it so hard to even start, but the feeling once I get it done is worth finishing. Sometimes, all you need is the courage to show up and get the job done.

Anyone can want a gold medal, only few are willing to train like an Olympian.

  • This is life

Really and truly, what is life without the daily battles and the little decisions we need to make regarding showing up and giving up? this moment is your life. Spend it doing something that will make you proud.

Let the word decides

So, what do I do when I feel like giving up? I show up like a badass and get it done anyways! Because that is what winners DO.

Do I always show up looking my best? Absolutely no. But it is not about judging how good or bad I am. It’s about doing the job and letting the world decide and see the result.

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