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Allow me to re-introduce myself……….

Hi, my name is Kenny, I’m 26 and I live in the UK. I’ve been on a general social media hiatus for about 3 weeks now due to wanting to find my own personal inspiration and to just make sure my mental health is in the right place.

My absence from this space in the past 3 weeks has been so refreshing. I enjoy blogging, however, I genuinely loved the peace and quietness I got from the break as well.

During this break, I was able to find myself and figured out that I actually genuinely love writing. I really missed it and couldn’t wait to get back to it. For me, Writing is a better outlet for processing deeper thoughts, feelings, and realisations. Which is probably one of the reasons why I came to miss it soo much.

Life right now, feels perfect, beautiful and warm. It just feels like God heard my prayers and is not only gradually blessing me with everything I desire, but he is giving me clarity on what I want out of life and how I want my year to look like.

I am looking forward to spending more time writing and sharing more beautiful contents with my lovely readers. Welcome back!

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