Review: Reasons to stay alive

Hey lovelies!!! My read for May was REASONS TO STAY ALIVE BY MATT HAIG.

First of all, this is a book everyone needs to read at-least once in their life time. No, you do not have to be in a dark place in your life to read it. It is a very informative book that can help you live an even better, positive and happy life.

Reasons to Stay Alive is a memoir by Matt Haig about his experience with depression and anxiety. The book is a mix of personal anecdotes and practical advice, and it’s been praised for its relatable and inspiring message. The author shares his own journey of recovery and provides insights into how he learned to cope with his mental health struggles.

The book is divided into short chapters that cover a range of topics related to depression and anxiety, such as panic attacks, medication, and suicidal thoughts. Haig’s writing is raw and honest, and he doesn’t shy away from describing the darkest moments of his mental health struggles. However, the book is also full of hope and humor, and Haig’s message is ultimately one of resilience and survival.

Many readers have found the book to be a helpful and comforting resource for dealing with their own mental health challenges. Haig’s writing is relatable and accessible, and he provides practical advice for coping with depression and anxiety. The book is also a reminder that mental illness is a common and treatable condition, and that there is hope for recovery.

Overall, Reasons to Stay Alive is a powerful and inspiring memoir that has helped many readers deal with their own mental health struggles. If you’re looking for a book that is honest, relatable, and full of hope, then this is definitely a book worth reading.


Blogging myths vs facts no one told you about

here’s a Myth vs. Fact about blogging:

Myth: Blogging is easy and anyone can do it.

Fact: While it’s true that anyone can start a blog, maintaining a successful blog requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Creating high-quality content, building an audience, and promoting your blog all require a significant amount of work. Additionally, many successful bloggers have years of experience and have developed a unique voice and style that sets them apart from the competition.

Myth: Blogging is a dying industry.

Fact: While it’s true that the blogging landscape has changed over the years, blogging is still a thriving industry. Many bloggers have successfully adapted to changes in the industry by diversifying their content and revenue streams. Additionally, the rise of social media has made it easier for bloggers to reach new audiences and promote their content.

Myth: Blogging is not a real job.

Fact: Blogging can absolutely be a real job, and many successful bloggers make a full-time living from their blogs. While it may not be a traditional 9-to-5 job, blogging requires a lot of hard work and can be a very lucrative career path for those who are passionate about it.

Myth: Blogging is only for extroverts.

Fact: While some bloggers may be more outgoing and extroverted, there are many successful bloggers who are introverted and prefer to work behind the scenes. Additionally, there are many different types of blogs, and some may be more suited to introverts than others.

Myth: Blogging is all about making money.

Fact: While many bloggers do make money from their blogs, the most successful bloggers are those who are passionate about their topics and genuinely enjoy creating content. Making money should not be the primary motivation for starting a blog, as readers can quickly tell when a blogger is only in it for the money.

Fresh thoughts, new perspectives

There are many reasons why having fresh thoughts and new perspectives can be beneficial. For one, it can help us break out of old patterns and habits that may be holding us back. It can also help us see things from a different angle, which can lead to new insights and ideas. Additionally, having a fresh perspective can help us be more open-minded and empathetic towards others.

Breaking old patterns can be challenging, but there are a few things you can do to help yourself. One way is to try new things. This can include anything from trying a new hobby to exploring a new part of town. Another way is to challenge your assumptions. When you find yourself thinking the same way you always have, try to question why you think that way and see if there might be another way to look at things. Finally, try to surround yourself with people who have different perspectives. This can help you see things in a new light and learn from others.

Having fresh thoughts can be challenging, but there are a few things you can do to help yourself. One way is to expose yourself to new ideas and experiences. This can include reading books on topics you’re not familiar with, traveling to new places, or trying new foods. Another way is to challenge yourself to think outside of your comfort zone. When you find yourself thinking the same way you always have, try to question why you think that way and see if there might be another way to look at things. Finally, try to be open-minded and curious about the world around you. This can help you see things in a new light and learn from others.

Horse Riding: Reasons to go horse riding today!!!

Horse riding lessons are a fantastic way to get outside, learn new skills, and bond with animals. Here are a few reasons why horse riding lessons are great:

  1. They get you outside: Horse riding lessons are a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. Whether you’re riding through a field or exploring a trail, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being on horseback.
  2. They’re a great workout: Horse riding is a great workout for your core and legs. Riding a horse requires balance and strength, and you’ll be surprised how sore you can feel after a good lesson.
  3. They teach you new skills: Horse riding lessons are a great way to learn new skills. You’ll learn how to communicate with your horse, how to ride properly, and how to care for your horse.
  4. They’re a great way to bond with animals: Horses are amazing animals, and horse riding lessons are a great way to bond with them. You’ll learn how to read your horse’s body language, and you’ll develop a special bond with your horse over time.
  5. They’re a great stress-reliever: Horse riding is a great way to relieve stress. There’s something about being around horses and being outside that can help you feel more relaxed and at peace.

Overall, horse riding lessons are a great way to learn new skills, get outside, and bond with animals. If you’re looking for a new hobby or a way to get outside and enjoy nature, horse riding lessons are definitely worth considering.

Bloggers beginners guide

Blogging is an excellent way to express your ideas, opinions, and expertise on a particular topic. If you’re a beginner blogger, here’s a beginner’s guide that can help you get started on the right foot:

  1. Choose a niche: Before starting your blog, decide on a specific niche that you are interested in, and have some expertise. This will help make your blog focused and appealing to readers.
  2. Choose a blogging platform: There are many blogging platforms available like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. Choose a platform that fits your needs and budget.
  3. Create a domain name and hosting: A domain name is your blog’s internet address, and hosting is where your blog’s files are stored. You can choose a domain name that reflects your niche, and hosting that suits your needs.
  4. Design your blog: Choose a theme that matches your niche, and create blog categories.
  5. Create quality content: Your blog’s content is the most important aspect, so always prioritize creating quality content that is informative, well-written, and adds value for your readers.
  6. Promote your blog: Share your posts with friends and family, share them on social media, join blogging communities, and guest post on other blogs to grow your audience.
  7. Engage with readers: Respond to comments on your blog, encourage engagement with readers by creating a community, and ask for feedback to improve your content.
  8. Be consistent: Consistency is key to building a successful blog. Create a regular posting schedule that you can manage and stick to it.

In summary, becoming a successful blogger requires consistency, dedication, and hard work. Use the above tips to get started on the right track and make your blog stand out. Happy blogging!

Routines that has helped me remain focused

Having a daily routine is an excellent way to be productive and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here is an overview of your daily routine:

  1. Gym: Exercising daily is essential for maintaining physical health and improving mental health. Incorporating gym time into your morning routine can set you up for a productive day.
  2. Work: Work is a significant part of our lives, and where we spend most of our day. Being productive at work is essential for achieving our goals and ensuring we are growing professionally.
  3. Reading: Reading is an excellent way to develop new knowledge and enhance personal growth. Consistently reading can broaden your mind, improve your mental health and provide a healthy escape from day-to-day life.
  4. Writing: Writing is an excellent way to express your thoughts, emotions, and creativity. Consistently writing can improve your writing skills, help with self-expression and promote personal growth.
  5. Drinking 2 liters: Drinking enough water every day can help with maintaining overall health, including digestion, maintaining healthy cells, and maintaining healthy skin.
  6. Catching up with friends: Socializing with friends, either in-person or virtually, is an excellent way to promote mental health and build positive relationships.

Incorporating these activities into your daily routine can help maintain a healthy work-life balance and promote personal growth. It’s good to mix things up from time to time, but having a base routine can help create a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Writer’s Guidelines

Writer’s guidelines are a set of instructions or rules given by a publisher or website to writers who are interested in submitting their work for publication. These guidelines provide writers with information on a publication’s target audience, style, tone, and formatting requirements.

Some aspects that writer’s guidelines may cover include:

  1. Word count: It is important to know the minimum and maximum word counts the publisher is looking for.
  2. Style and tone: The tone can vary depending on the publication’s audience, so knowing what tone and style to use is crucial.
  3. Formatting: The formatting requirements can vary depending on the publisher, and it is essential to follow these instructions carefully to avoid your submission being rejected.
  4. Submission process: Publishers usually have a specific process for submitting work, and it is important to adhere to these processes to ensure your submission isn’t overlooked.
  5. Rights: Most publishers will provide guidelines on the rights they require concerning the work, including whether they allow republication of the work in other forms.

In conclusion, writer’s guidelines are essential for writers who want to submit their work for publication. These guidelines provide a clear framework for what publishers are looking for, and following them can increase the chances of work being accepted for publication.

Possible changes a blogger might experience

I can discuss some possible changes that a blogger might experience in their career over the course of a year.

One possible change is an increase in traffic and reader engagement. By consistently producing quality content and utilizing effective marketing strategies, a blogger may see a steady increase in their blog’s reach and impact.

Another change could be the expansion of their niche or topics covered. As a blogger gains more experience and expertise, they may be able to branch out into related subjects or sub-niches within their broader niche.

A blogger may also experience changes in their income or monetization strategies. They may decide to pursue affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or product creation to diversify their income streams.

Additionally, a blogger may become more active in their community or the blogging industry as a whole. They may attend conferences, collaborate with other bloggers, or engage with their audience on social media more frequently.

Overall, a blogging career can change in numerous ways over the course of a year. By staying adaptable and continually improving their skills, bloggers can navigate these changes and continue to grow their influence and impact in their niche.