Hey lovelies, happy new month and welcome to a new week of kennysdiary! i hope we’ve all had a lovely week? 

In this week blogpost, we will be discussing about finding changes and why. 

Being passionate about an upcoming project or goal, no matter how big or small, knowing and thinking about the change we could make in ourselves or in the world will make us feel alive. 

 Before change can be introduced into our daily lives, we must make sure our personal purpose is defined. 

On a more relaxed days, I always find myself a little more concerned about the changes I want in my life and the importance of knowing the why in life. 

I started finding my change when I realised that our daily life is really a series of habits that impact the changes we want in life. Our habit is what structure our days, weeks, month, years and many more years to come. Life sometimes can feel static and repetitive, with one day merging into the next. Hence, why we must make sure we form daily habits in other to achieve the change we want. 

I started working out because I wanted a change in my health and physical body, I have always known that exercising was essential for good health and yet I could not stick to an exercise routine for more than few months. And this brings me to the question, why? why is it so hard to stop doing the things we should not be doing and start doing the things we should be doing? 

Please, drop a comment below and do not forget to share with your loved ones 🙂

Thank you and I hope you enjoy as you read xx 

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